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"Pan's Reverie" captures a Pan wandering through the forest on the back of a friendly troll, both lost in contemplation as they gaze at the moon. Sculpted in 3D and printed with a professional laser printer, this miniature is a stunning addition to any collection.


Order and Shipping Schedule (Big Version):


Currently, I only produced 15 copies of this larger version. I’ll be collecting orders for one week (until June 26th), aiming to ship them before my summer break at the end of June. If the initial batch sells out quickly, I will be taking pre-orders until June 26th and ship these additional copies by the end of July.


  • Wave One: The first 15 copies will be shipped before the end of June, (before I close the shop for my summer holidays)
  • Wave Two: Additional orders will be produced and shipped by the end of July, depending on demand.

Shipping will be managed from Italy for EU orders 🇪🇺 and from the UK for the rest of the world 🇬🇧.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Pan's Reverie

  • Designer, Sculptor:  Carlo Borella.

    Painter: Antonio Pulvirenti 

    Master Print: Eme Molero

    Material: Resin, matt finish, gray.

    Medium: digital sculpt, print in resin

    First wave: 50 copies in grey resin


    Small: 45mm (head to toes), 65mm(from the troll's feet to the top of the tree)

    Big: 75mm (head to toes), 105mm(from the troll's feet to the top of the tree)

    First Release Date: 2022.


    Shipping from:

    - Italy for orders within the EU. ðŸ‡ªðŸ‡º

    - UK for the rest of the world. ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡§

    If you are a European customer ordering multiple products, please look at the info section 'Shipping from' of the miniatures you are interested in to make sure that all products can be shipped from Italy. In case they aren't, I would ship your order from the UK. For any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

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