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"Pan's Reverie"


"Pan's Reverie"  is a miniature sculpted in 3d and printed in resin with a professional laser printer.

It represents a Pan wandering in the forest on the back of a friendly troll.

The two friends are staring at the moon in contemplation lost in their thoughts.


When I designed this piece I had two things in mind:

I wanted the two characters to interact indirectly with each other/ share an experience and I wanted to focus on thier facial expression and posture to convey their emotions (the pan keeping a more relaxed stance, with a day-dreaming look in his face is sitting confortable while staring at the sky. The troll, who was previously busy finding his way through the forest, takes a moment to turn his head upwards to look at the stars and the moon as is stuck in contemplation.



"Pan's Reverie" is cast in gray resin (6 parts) and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Pan's Reverie

  • Designer, Sculptor, Painter:  Carlo Borella.

    Master Print: Eme Molero

    Material: Resin, matt finish, gray.

    Medium: digital sculpt, print in resin

    First wave: 50 copies in grey resin

    Size: 45mm (from the troll's feet to his head), 65mm(from the troll's feet to the top of the tree)

    First Release Date: 2022.


    Shipping from:

    - Italy for orders within the EU. 🇪🇺

    - UK for the rest of the world. 🇬🇧

    If you are a European customer ordering multiple products, please look at the info section 'Shipping from' of the miniatures you are interested in to make sure that all products can be shipped from Italy. In case they aren't, I would ship your order from the UK. For any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

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